Suspension Plus, Inc. Company History
Suspension Plus, Inc. opened for business in 1992, when Bill and Susan Willian saw a need for servicing dirt bike and ATV suspension both in-house and trackside. Billy started motocross racing in 1976 as a recreational sport to release some stress from being a high school teacher and track coach. In the early 80’s, Billy and his wife, Susan built and operated the “Dry Branch MX Track” in Kentucky. Billy became a very good friend and bike mechanic for Kawasaki Team Green rider Tommy Watts, of Shelbyville, Kentucky.
Billy worked for Kawasaki Team Green at the amateur nationals from 1983-1989. He also worked with Brian Swink, Junior Jackson, Kevin Windham, Larry Ward, Ronnie Tichenor, Jeff Dement, and Tommy Watts at the national events. While working with Kawasaki Research and Design (R&D), Billy learned how important the proper suspension set-up was not only to make the bike handle properly on the track, but to also give the rider a much smoother and safer ride.Suspension Plus sponsors some 40-50 riders each year. With the sponsorship comes posting of results on our website, a personal web site for each rider and a discount of suspension work.
Suspension Plus travels to several tracks each year including but not limited to Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Florida giving trackside support to team riders along with any other rider who needs help. We feel with this support more riders will be able to compete with the maximum performance for all racing conditions.
With Billy’s experience in working on suspension and also working with track and cross country high school athletes and after coaching an athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Billy began to make a connection with motocross riders needing more conditioning and better riding skills. With this in mind, Suspension Plus MX Training Camps were started in 1995.
The camps give riders not only a place to come and better their riding skills but to also learn other forms of conditions such as mountain biking, running, weight training,and swimming. Along with the camps, Billy works with individual riders at their private tracks, local motocross tracks and tracks in Florida during the winter months.

Suspension Plus MX Training feels to be a serious rider, one must stay motivated to train but not to over train. Along with proper riding techniques, physical and mental conditioning. Suspension Plus MX Training tries to teach riders about the proper nutrition and it’s benefits. By riding to the best of your ability, you should be able to have more fun in the process.

Today, Suspension Plus and Suspension Plus MX Training are a family owned business ran by Billy and Susan Willian, who both truly believe that riders should not only strive to improve their riding and racing but also their education. Racing is all about families and friends coming together for fun, friendship, and the teaching of good sportsmanship…whether you win or lose.
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